Below are miscellaneous conversations about things of all sorts: theology, politics, economics, social theory, history, cultural analysis. You name it. 

For quite a while I’ve been regularly participating in the excellent Christ & Capital podcast, hosted by Dustin Johnson. If you’re interested in anything related to Christianity & Culture, check it out. Love God. Love Neighbor. Build Something. That’s the Christ & Capital motto. 

Ep. 51 – Classical Education and The Marketplace [with Dr. Brian Phillips] Christ and Capital Podcast

Dr. Brian Phillips joins us to talk about classical education, wisdom and virtue, a theology of man, theology of education, liberal arts, medicine, trade schools, and holistic study of the world. Buckle up.   CiRCE Institute https://www.circeinstitute.org/   Holy Trinity Reformed Church http://www.htrchurch.com/about   Tremendous Trifles (Nathan’s Website) https://tremendoustrifles.com/author/njohnsonprofessor/     All things Christ and Capital:  ———————-SUBSCRIBE https://linktr.ee/Christ_and_Capital   Sign up on Patreon for Bonus content: https://www.patreon.com/user   Merch https://www.christandcapital.com/apparel           ————————————————————————————————     Music By: SUNDANCE Track Title: Persephone – Retro Funky Creation: SUNDANCE (Remix) My additions: clips from Jay Richards, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Durbin, and Gary North.
  1. Ep. 51 – Classical Education and The Marketplace [with Dr. Brian Phillips]
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