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For quite a while I’ve been regularly participating in the excellent Christ & Capital podcast, hosted by Dustin Johnson. If you’re interested in anything related to Christianity & Culture, check it out. Love God. Love Neighbor. Build Something. That’s the Christ & Capital motto. 

Abortion Is Anti-Capitalism (Libertarians Beware) Christ and Capital Podcast

…But of all these reaching arguments listed above, the fundamental underlying reason, in this author’s mind, is that pro-choicers actually think it’s not human until it meets their own criteria of what constitutes human life – brain activity, viability (whatever that means), sentience, heartbeat, appearance, etc. May we never see the day where our elected officials can customize their views on what constitutes human life for political or economic expedience. History is replete with political leaders using this tactic for steering the masses. Article Link: https://www.christandcapital.com/christ-and-capital/abortion-is-anti-capitalism     All things Christ and Capital:  ———————-SUBSCRIBE https://linktr.ee/Christ_and_Capital   Sign up on Patreon for Bonus content: https://www.patreon.com/user   Merch https://www.christandcapital.com/apparel           ————————————————————————————————     Music By: SUNDANCE Track Title: Persephone – Retro Funky Creation: SUNDANCE (Remix) My additions: clips from Jay Richards, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Durbin, and Gary North.      
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