Sorrow Soon Will Sing


 Yahweh, do you see us
 In this veil of darkness? 
 Exile is our home. 
 Are you with your children?
 Or have you abandoned 
 Those you called your own? 
 We have wandered far from God,
 Captive to our sin and sorrow,
 No hope for tomorrow. 
 Sin, it is our prison;
 Can we be forgiven? 
 Is there hope for peace? 
 Satan scorns our station;
 Byword of the nations;
 Shame, it will not cease. 
 Still does our Redeemer live?
 Will we see God face-to-face?
 Can we know his grace? 
 Lying in a manger,
 This celestial stranger
 Comes to set us free. 
 Sing, O barren nation:
 God regards thy station,
 Savior born for thee. 
 From on high the sunrise comes,
 For his face has shined upon us,
 Jesus now our trust. 
 See a new day dawning.
 Hope for all our longing.
 Sorrow soon will sing. 
 Nations that were scattered, 
 Soon you will be gathered
 By our Shepherd-King. 
 Hark! Our heavenly hope comes down.
 See our God now face-to-face:
 God’s incarnate grace. 
 Sin has lost its power.
 Death and Satan cower. 
 Jesus enters in. 
 Wrath remembered kindness,
 Shattered fear and blindness,
 Cancelled all our sin. 
 Christ has won the victory.
 He will guide us safely home
 Into his shalom.  

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