Ecce Homo

Behold the Man upon the cross,
Our Prophet, Priest, and King.
Declare the glory of our Lord,
His wondrous work now sing.
Oh let us linger for a while
Before our Cov’nant Head
And see through bitter, thankful tears
The Life of God now dead.

Behold the Word of God made flesh,
The Prophet long foretold;
The cross his glor’ous epithet
His love made manifold.
He came to speak the truth to men
That He might set them free:
The Light that gives to men its life,
And makes the darkness flee.

Behold the Lamb of God on high
Who suffers for our sin;
Though we like sheep have gone astray
Our guilt is laid on him.
This Suff’ring Servant, Substitute,
Is priest and sacrifice:
His body is the offering,
His blood the priceless price.

Behold the King of Israel,
The Son of God come down:
The cross his throne of suffering,
And thorns his kingly crown.
He comes to save his enemies
By being slain for them
And turning traitors into sons,
So they stand uncondemned.

Behold, the Son of God in pow’r
Will come to set us free;
Messiah King with sword in hand
Will slay our enemies.
He’ll come to rid the world of sin
And put the grave to death.
Take flight, thou Ancient Serpent flee
From God’s Incarnate Wrath.

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